Courts & Pitches

Back9’s flexible booking management solutions caters for court and pitch bookings for a wide range of sports including padel tennis, soccer, basketball and many more. The Back9 Adminium technology allows for resource specific availability, timings and pricing to be configured which allows each venue and resource to have a bespoke set up.

back9 courts and pitches management
Back9’s Courts & Pitches technology make time consuming diary setup and administration a thing of the past. Administrators have the tools to efficiently rollout simply and complex availability structures in just a few clicks across expansive date ranges. Regular areas of unavailability can be blocked to ensure time slots that are not available cannot be booked. Rates are highly configurable allowing visitor, member and a myriad of other pricing options to be created.


Court & Pitch specific availability can be created to maximise booking opportunities with start time and booking duration being configured on a per resource basis.

Time Based Pricing

Revenue yield can be maximised through time based pricing, charging more at peak times. Occupancy rules can be automated in the Dynamic Pricing module.


Over the counter bookings can be secured with a payment link sent to the customer. This increases commitment to the booking and reduces no shows and cancellations.

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Online Booking Presence

The Back9 Courts & Pitches technology provides each facility with a mobile optimised web booking widget that allows customers to create an account and book directly with your venue. Enjoy the benefits of secured revenue when customers book through the web widget as payment is automatically collected at the expiration of the cancellation period. Participating venues also have the option to be visible on the aggregated Back9 booking platforms.